1. I will be happy to offer cost-shared Cessna172 rent for purpose of observers flights in the vicinity of Tallinn.
  2. Aircraft has 4 seats, with pilot. So 3 free seats are available.
  3. Flight hour cost is 350e including airport fees. Payment is via bank account to the company that owns aircraft. Total cost is shared among people flying(cost-shared). If You wish You may buy all 3 seats and fly alone, or together with someone. Rental price is fixed.
  4. If You dont have friends to fly with, come alone. 1 Seat will cost You 350/3, when I will gather 2 more people we go flying!
  5. Offer does not have any commercial context. As I pilot I do not charge for my work. You are paying only for part of the rent. I am first officer in Romanian charter company and when I have free time I am happy to fly with people around.
  6. I strongly advice not to eat before flight and not to drink a lot of liquids. Small aircraft does not have WC room and we are not able to step somewhere in the middle of our journey. If You have eaten full, it may happen that other passengers will do cool selfies with You and Your exiting pizza on the seat. As we are going to fly around on 1000ft, small turbulence is possible during the hot days. The most calm conditions to fly are in the morning.
  7. We can fly in almost any conditions, I am certified to perform as visual flights as instrument flights, but in order to get good pictures, enjoy views it is better to come in sunny days.
  8. Please use contact form instead of calling me. I am limited by the time and cannot speak with You long. Just write Your questions and as soon as possible I will reply with all details.